The Orange County Care Coordination Collaborative for Kids (OCC3 for Kids) is a partnership of more than 30 organizations working to improve systems of care for children with special health care needs. Funding to support this partnership is provided by Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health (LPFCH) along with in kind contributions of staff support from those who participate on OCC3 for Kids. Established in 2013, OCC3 for Kids has received several rounds of funding from LPFHC, with the most recent award period being January through June 2022.


Our Vision


To ensure children and youth in Orange County with special health care needs achieve optimal care for health and wellbeing, and to enhance the quality of life for their families


Our Mission


To optimize and strengthen care coordination among providers and systems of care


Current Effort


The focus of our recent effort is to identify system issues related to the transition to Whole Child Model (WCM) and, prioritize and select a system issue to work together to address. During this previous phase, we made abundant progress and completed a work plan for how OCC3 for Kids will address our prioritized system issue. The purpose of our current effort with the LPFCH supplemental award is to implement a work plan over a 6-month period which began January 2022.


The main componenets of this engagement include:

    • Continued facilitated monthly meetings of OCC3 for Kids to continue planning and implementation around our prioritized WCM system issue as well as provide a space for networking and information sharing among the OCC3 for Kids participants. 
    • Implementation of our workplan to address our prioritized system issue:  Challenges related to WCM system navigation for parents/caregivers. 
    • Strategy 1:  Mapping of resources available to parents/caregivers to navigate the WCM system.
    • Strategy 2:  Development of family-friendly shared messaging (e.g., an infographic in multiple languages) that clarifies who to go to for what with WCM issues. 
    • Strategy 3:  Development of recommendations for CalOptima re:  any changes/updates to the Health Needs Assessment so that families most in need are identified and connected with additional support.  Our intent is for CalOptima to shepherd the recommendations through DHCS. 


Participating Organizations


Please see organizations that contributed to this collaborative effort during Phase V and the 2022 Supplemental Award, November 2019 through June 2022.


Previous OCC3 for Kids Work


Addressing the challenges with access to diapers for families of children with special health care needs (Click her to view case study)


Providing system-level care coordination (click here to view evaluation report)


Support Staff 


OCC3 for Kids director and primary contact is Rebecca Hernandez with Help me Grow Orange County



OCC3 for Kids facilitator is Rebecca Alvarez with NP Strategies