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Evaluation of the Help Me Grow Orange County List Serve June 2014

In 2008, Help Me Grow Orange County (HMG) established a list serve to distribute program information, event and training announcements, and other information to service providers. In January 2014, HMG conducted a survey of list serve subscribers to learn about the effectiveness and usefulness of the list serve. In addition, data was collected to report the rate at which recipients open and click on items within the list serve announcements.


Help Me Grow Orange County, California
3-Year Evaluation Report: 2010-2012


HMG has developed a database to gather information about the children and families it serves, the referrals it provides, and whether children are connected to service as a result of the referrals. This report presents information from that database on children and families served in 2010, 2011, and 2012. A previous report, Help Me Grow Orange County 2009 Annual Evaluation Report, covered the period from January 2007 through September 2009, when a different database was in use.


Orange County Care Coordination Collaborative for Kids

Trend Report June 2013


A new collaborative group has been formed to develop an improved care coordination system for children with special health care needs (CSHCN) in Orange County, California. This collaborative, called Orange County Care Coordination Collaborative for Kids (OC C3 for Kids), is being led by Help Me Grow Orange County. Through funding from The Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health (LPFCH), OC C3 for Kids is developing this countywide collaborative to better serve CSHCN and their families. OC C3 for Kids includes representatives from key agencies that provide medical, social, and case management services for young children and families in Orange County.


CHOC‐UCI Neurodevelopmental Programs Evaluation

Report July 2011 through June 2012


This evaluation report describes the accomplishments of the Neurodevelopmental Programs (NDP)in the 2011/12 fiscal year. Its purpose is to show how the NDP makes a difference in the lives of children and families in Orange County, tell its story to funders and families, and provides information for program improvement.


Orange County Connection Cafés, The First Five Years

Executive Summary 2007/08 to 2011/12


In Fiscal Year 2007/08, Help Me Grow (HMG) introduced Connection Cafés as a way to develop consistent networking events among agencies that provide developmental and
behavioral services to children and families in Orange County. Each Café includes an update on services from Help Me Grow, a “Family Showcase,” a networking activity, and a featured guest speaker in a Café‐like setting. Agencies have an opportunity to share information about their programs and services as well as verify the accuracy of their program’s information in the resource inventory used by Help Me Grow and 2‐1‐1 Orange County.


Physician's Developmental Screening Project 2012

Executive Summary


To assist local physicians in implementing developmental screenings, The Children and Families Commission of Orange County partnered with the Orange County Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics Chapter 4, and Help Me Grow Orange County. Through this collaboration, 119 providers were trained on validated screening tools endorsed by the AAP and recommended by the Commission.


ASQ Participant Survey 2011


In spring 2011, HMG-OC surveyed past ASQ training attendees to assess the efficacy and the impact of the trainings on participants’ comfort in scoring and interpreting ASQ questionnaires and on their current use of developmental screening in their agencies. Furthermore, openended
questions were asked to assess challenges and barriers to screening efforts.


Physician Satisfaction Survey 2010


In spring 2010, after three and a half years of operation, HMG OC surveyed health care providers to assess three indicators of physicians support: 1) Success of the outreach efforts to
pediatricians and family physicians in OC, 2) Effectiveness of the EPIC visits in educating providers on HMG-OC and on the importance of developmental screening, and 3) Satisfaction
with the services provided by HMG-OC.

Annual Evaluation Report 2009


The 2009 annual report represents the first formal evaluation of Help Me Grow Orange County. The Results-Based Accountability (RBA, Freidman, 2005) provides a framework for this report; that is, data – or indicators of performance and results - are presented to show where the program’s been, and a forecast of where the program is going. Analysis will show change in trends over the first 3 years of the program’s operation (January 2007 through September 2009).


Parent Satisfaction Survey 2009


In Spring 2009, after two and a half years of operation, HMG OC surveyed parents to see whether the services were being delivered in a professional manner and whether the referrals they received were useful. One hundred parents participated in the survey, which was conducted over the phone following
the two-week follow-up phone call.


OC Pathways Leadership Committee Final Report 2008


In 2008 the Children and Families Commission of Orange County convened the Pathways Leadership Committee to guide a collaborative, community-focused planning effort intended to strengthen the pathway for young children receiving or in need of developmental and behavioral services in Orange County.